Please feel free to come, and share your concerns and questions that you cannot tell anyone else.

I read your current situation to seek for the way to improve your life, or for matters to impede your great life.

Everything happens for a reason, and the fortune-telling leads to your review.
Though your effort is essential, I can help you ease your psychological burden.
I am looking forward to your visit to the office. 


Fortune-telling with tarot cards


I read any matters you desire or wish to know.
Understanding of your current circumstances is essential for providing invaluable advices for your bright future, however.
Tarot cards are also employed for responding to questions on fortune-telling results.



Fortune-telling is based on reading your circumstances such as reading your family and relatives.
It reads the past, the present, and the future.

Because both the cartomancy and the tarot cards are so popular in Japan, you are likely to possess experience in conducting those.



Numerology uses the name and the number.
Did the following ever happen to you, when you were a child?
You read compatibility horoscope with special someone by numbering names.

That’s also a sort of numerology.

Numerology tells whether or not cell-phone/home phone/office phone numbers are a good match with you.



Lines and swells on one’s palm imply one’s personality or one’s future.
Palm-reading is a traditional fortune-telling, and still has deep-rooted popularity and reliance.
This tells the love, the economic fortune, and the business luck.

Scrying mirror


This fortune-telling is peculiar a little.
This reads a person’s aura using an instrument referred to as the scrying mirror.

The aura color of each person depends on one’s actual state.
The colors tell one's fortune-telling result.

Won’t you try the fortune-telling, if you have various concerns?


・ Tarot Cards, Cartomancy

¥5,400 for thirty minutes   

*) High-school students are kindly requested to be accompanied by parent.

・ Scrying mirror

¥8,640 for thirty minutes 
*) High-school students are kindly requested to be accompanied by parent.

Important Notices

1. Fortune-telling for pregnant women

Due to a considerable impact on babies in mother’s womb, I decline to serve them the fortune-telling.
We ask for your kind understanding and cooperation.

2. About Cancellation Fee and Overdue Fee

Please note that we charge the cancellation service fee for clients to cancel and the tardy arrival fee for clients to arrive late for your booked time.

3. Cancellation Fee

On the appointed day: ¥5,400
By the day before the appointed day: ¥2,700

4. Fortune-telling for physically handicapped persons

Physically handicapped persons are kindly requested to be accompanied by acquaintance.
Children less than sixteen years old are not permitted in our office.
We ask for your kind understanding and cooperation.

5. For clients wearing colored contact lenses

Clients wearing colored contact lenses are kindly requested to take out lenses.

Advance reservation only

Please reserve by phone.  TEL : 03-6674-2219
Office Hour: 10:00AM - 07:00PM 08:30PM - 09:30PM
Night business only on Monday and Thursday.

A delay of service is likely to happen due to providing careful work for prior clients.
We would appreciate your understanding and cooperation