Fortune-telling Lesson

☆Fortune-telling Lesson For women only

Madam Airies Fortune-telling Classroom
- Beginners’ tarot: Interpretation of upright and reverse positions for all Arcana, and Madam Airies’ unique interpretation
- Hints hidden in each tarot card with unique color, picture, and number
- Tarot cards allocation bySpread and etc.
- Personality and current circumstances to be implied by the star sign and the date of birth
- The A to Z of cartomancy
- Speaking and advice in the consultation as a fortune-teller
- Private lesson allows you to respond the customized needs.
- Our fortune-telling has been spotlighted on TV shows and magazines
- Popular fortune-telling for an abundance of non-Japanese clients.


Course curriculum

Lessons in the early stage learn Tarot implications.


- Basic (Cards implication, Arcana, Implication of Fifty-two major arcana)
- How to shuffle cards
- YES/NO (How to use minor arcana)
- How to find the initials (Initials fortune-telling finds a partner in the future.)


- Basic (Implication, Reading, Stacking, and Inspiration of seventy eight cards)
- Approach for breakthrough in the situation, interpretation hidden in each tarot, and Madam Airies’ unique interpretation
- Others
* Explain the details at the time of application

Application is available at any time.

* Madam Airies conducts the private lesson for four to five persons.

The certificate is issued to people who completed the course.



Initial fee: ¥18,900 (Materials: Card, Tarot, and Textbook)

* Twice a week: Flexible schedule coordination
* Term of lesson: A half-year (six months).

Qualifications for lesson

ESP test is essential.
ESP test measures the potential of clairvoyant and fortune-telling.
* We receive fortune-telling classroom applications after conducting ESP test and gaining adequate understanding of lesson curriculum.
Thirty minutes/ lesson: ¥5,400
ESP test is essential for attending a class.

Power of concentration is absolutely imperative for ESP test.
We kindly ask people with the following conditions to refrain from applying ESP test.
* People wearing thick slab lenses or colored contact lenses
* People in poor physical condition
* People who has taken alcohol

Applications process


- Applicant
- Date of birth
- Point of contact
- Preferred date of receiving ESP test
- Description “Hope to be enrolled in the fortune-telling lesson”.

* Applications time in 10:00 AM - 06:00 PM.
Please feel free to contact us.

TEL :080-4669-4244

For Non-Jpanese ( in Englishor Tagalog)
TEL :03-5926-4867