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  • Cooking 2020年4月20日

    First Of All I would like to say Thank You For Patronizing Airies Mystical. I know that All Of Us are experiencing too much stress & tiredness for waiting the good result of this pandemic virus to know when it will be end. But Instead of waiting for this result I will encourage everybody including me to change Our Mind Setting Just Incase ,We will not be back in Normal Life & Daily Routine like What We Did Before. Our Life Our Job,Hang Outs,Everything That Lost Because Of This Unpredictable Virus . Let’s Use The Three A’s that We can do now to Survive (1)Adjustment-We need To adjust Our expenses Our needed Our enjoyment because we need to protect Ourselves because we didn’t know what we really our life goes through from now, if the economy will continue to failed for operating, We Can Experienced A Big Poverty .So We need To prepared . (2)Activeness – Even we’re staying in the house,We need to planned another way to make extra income like internet Online , Selling , Blogging , Advertising etc . We need to maintaining Our Active mind to make an extra income, Prevent too much sleeping or wasting Our time . (3)Adopting – We must to be adoptable, go to the flows stop claiming it will give you so much stress if you always making complain .Try To do this Tips that make Our life Alive. We Can Recover Everything By Doing Our Life More Meaningful & Never Ever Give Up In Everything That Make Are Life Alive . Please Join Us Every Tuesday & Friday FACEBOOK LIVE MADAME AIRIES TAROT READING GUIDELINES 2:30-3:30 PM & 4:30-5:30 PM . I❤️U All & Keep Us In Safe…


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  • Cooking 2018年1月23日

    Good evening everyone♪

    Today we would like to introduce Madam’s cooking instead of introducing products.

    This is a traditional dish calledSopas”.

    The ingredients contains milk, macaroni, whiner, and vegetables.

    とってもクリーミーで、温まります(u v u)
    It’s really creamy and warmful.

    If you got interested you may ask Madam, how to fix it!

    This is one of the Philippino dish that will be palatable for Japanese people.

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  • Cooking 2018年1月16日

    Good evening everyone, I am Madame’s assistant 🙂

    Today we would like to introduce Madame’s cooking, instead of introducing products!

    本日のお昼に先生が作ってくれた、フライドチキンです (>ひ<)
    This is today’s lunch, fried chicken cooked by Madame xD

    If you will try eating once, you will become addicted! The inside was full of really juicy gravy and the outside was crispy.

    Madame is not only just a pro of fortune telling, she is also a pro of cooking! She is really a talented person!

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