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About Airies

Madam Airies
Madame Airies is fortune-teller over 20years experience from the Philippines. Her mothers are also famous fortune-teller in the Philippines.
Madame Airies has acted regularly on various TV programs such as "Friday's miracle" of Fuji television and "Variety to experience rumors 'KUCHIKOMI’".

The audience was surprised many times in TV-show because she hit the mark Guest's hidden truth.

She prized as "goddess of passion" by TV Reporter and commentator because she gives accurate fortune-telling and advising by sincere love for guest.

Her expertise fields are Numerology, Tarot Card, Trump fortune telling.
Furthermore, she can handle at 'sclering mirror'.

She can give counsel for the customer regarding Love, Marriage, Property fortune, and Job.

She can accurately hit customer's Past, Present situation, Future.
Therefore, she has a good reputation and gets trust from the customer.

List of TV appearance

「Variety to experience rumors 'KUCHIKOMI’」(Fuji tv)
「Friday's miracle」(Fuji tv)
「happy fortune show Fortuna!!」(Nihon tv)
「Ikebukuro is a sacred place of divination!」(Ikebukuro tv)

Madam's message

I really appreciate it to everyone.
People in Japan are rich in emotions, and I feel very pleased even though I am occupied.
I am very grateful to such Japanese people.
Those who are worried or have trouble, please come and talk to their own problem (okay with what you can not tell people!).

How can my life go well or why does not it work ... I will look at the current situation.
There is always a reason for that, which leads to rethinking yourself by fortune telling.
Effort of the person himself is most important, but I will become a force to lighten the burden of my heart.
We look forward to.
Madam Aries