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[For Women Only ]

Madam Airies fortune-telling classroom

– Tarot from beginning level – Understanding the teacher’s own regarding all Arcana Positive or reverse position.
– The secrets of Tarot’s color, picture, hint hidden in numbers
– “Spread method” and configuration of Tarot
– Personality and present condition expressed by constellation and birth date
– fortune-telling of playing cards
– How to talk and advice as a fortuneteller at counseling
– I can provide the customizing lesson for personal
– Our counseling is very popular in Japanese society.
-Many clients come to our shop from overseas.


The first stage let you understand the meaning of Tarot.


· Basic (Meaning of cards · Meaning of 52 pieces of Arcana · Major Arcana)
· How to shuffle the card
· YES / NO (How to use Minor Arcana)
· How to find initials in fortune telling
(The method of Initial fortune telling that can found future partners)


Basic (78 meanings · Reading · How to shuffle · Inspiration)
How to solve the issue The hidden picture inside Tarot
The understanding of tarot in teachers own
The knowledge of tarot in teachers holds
*We will explain the details when the student's application.
We are accepting student any times!
※ We have individual lessons with Teacher Airies with a limit of 4 to 6 people.
We will give you graduation certification if you are graduated!


Required Qualifications

Regarding this ESP test, since value the concentration, please refrain from the following person.
The person who are using a color contact lens.
The person who have bad physical condition.
The person who drink alcohol.